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    This group is for steam users who develop using the Steam Web API or the Steam Community XML/JSON feeds.

    This group is primarily used for connecting to other developers, discussing topics and projects, problem solving and more.

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Steam Integration now supports Steam Groups By Aiwa,

Aug 2017

We've been pulling individual users for quite some time, but there was always something missing that tied them all together... Steam Community Groups.  

Now, you can add Steam Community Groups to a setting in your AdminCP, and display information about the group on any page within your community!

The users displayed within the group widget are users on YOUR community that are a part of the group.  You can configure how many users you'd like to display along with how many lines of description text to show by default, with a 'Read More' link to show the full description.  



Steam Profile Integration Requests By Aiwa,

Oct 2016

I'm taking requests for features to be added to the Steam Integration right behind a Battlefield Integration.  

Just a few of the features currently planned: 

  • App page for Steam
    • Show top profiles
    • Show specific groups of users
    • Top users for specific games (pending stats pulling)
  • Badge integration on profile (not all of them)
  • Admin CP View Profiles table improvements
  • Pulling stats from select games.  Put in requests for which you'd like me to look into first.  Not all are available via the API.

The site mess has been cleaned up! By Aiwa,

Jun 2016

I appreciate everyone's patience as the site has been in limbo.  We're now back to working order! 


  • Support Ticket System is fully functional
  • Pages homepage with News Feed and Recent Topics back up and running
  • Bug Tracker up and running!
  • IPSFocus has made the site pretty!

If you have an issue, please ensure to submit a Support Ticket, not a Bug report.  Bugs are only created as the result of a ticket.  Once a bug has been created, you will be open to comment on them.

Steam Profile Integration By Aiwa,

May 2016

Steam Profile Integration is now available for IPS 4! 

Purchase and download via the IPS Marketplace!


Pardon the Mess By Aiwa,

Apr 2016

I'm in the process of upgrading this site to IPS 4.1.x.  

It will be ready soon to sell some of my 3.x apps / hooks that I've been working on upgrading to 4.x.  

Thank you for your patience.  Should you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to submit a ticket.  If that's not working, haven't tested it yet, please send me an e-mail to:  me [at ] aiwa [dot] me