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Steam Profile Integration released By Aiwa,

Nov 2023

Per previous announcement, Steam Profile Integration will be free and publicly available.

I'm happy to announce that version 3.0.0, developed against IPS 4.7.12, is now publicly available. 


Note: This does not include the OAuth login handler. The Login Handler is intentionally being broken out of this application. This is in the best interest for clients as code updates will be isolated to only the login handler, and more efficiently updatable. 

Future of Steam Profile Integration By Aiwa,

Sep 2023

The application is under development to clean up the code base. This will not, necessarily, make it fully compatible with any IPS version. Once the code cleanup is complete, a GitHub repository will be made public. 

This is in response to IPS's announcement of Marketplace closure. Support will also be transitioned to GitHub issues. This will open up the repository for other developers to contribute to bugs fixes and/or application updates, if I'm unable to keep the application up to date. Medical issues have been a constant distraction during each update, see previous posts, causing justified frustration for many customers. 

These changes are being made in the best interest of all customers.

Steam Profile Integration IPS 4.7 By Aiwa,

Jul 2022

Updates have been made, the login handler works with IPS 4.7.

The trouble is, it's deeply coupled with the rest of the Profile Integration logic. It's not simply the login handler. There is the choice to break this apart into two separate items, but there is no guarantee everyone would pick up both. Breaking them apart would also cause additional work on the Profile Integration portion. 

I'm pretty sure I know most everyone's vote. Give me a little bit to see what kind of progress I start making on the rest of the app with 4.7.

Next posts with pictures of updates.

Steam Profile Integration: IPS 4.5 By Aiwa,

Oct 2020

Update for full IPS 4.5 compatibility is well under way. We're taking this time to also tackle tech debt from prior versions. This will make the code base more easily maintainable moving forward. This re-write will also make review of the code easier on IPS Marketplace management.

I thank everyone for their patience as we're working through this re-write. Everyone be safe with COVID on the loose!

Steam Community and Privacy By Aiwa,

May 2018

GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation... While many have heard this term, not everyone knows what it means.  I'll come out of the gate saying I'm not an expert, nor a lawyer.  In a very general sense, it's about online privacy and giving individual users more control over their information what is shared with whom. 

To that end, Steam has rolled out a change of their own with regards to profile privacy.  Whether this is related to GDPR or not, no one will know, but the timing is quite coincidental. 

How this impacts the Steam Profile Integration application... By default, Steam is setting everyone's privacy settings pretty secure.  Meaning less data will be pulled for you users. 

You'll start seeing Profiles with:

  • 0 hours played in the last 2 weeks quite a bit more frequently
  • No statistics for recently played games (games played in the last 2 weeks)
  • No statistics for owned games
  • No, or limited, statistics for total playtime for games.

This doesn't mean the Steam Profile Integration is going anywhere.  I'll have some updates coming out in the coming months.  One feature to direct users to manage their Steam profile privacy to allow the pulling of data.  Another to streamline the user interface to not display empty playtime in the last 2 weeks when that data is simply private, etc. 

It's a challenging time for developers as we have to work with smaller and smaller data sets.  But it's ultimately a good thing for your users.  They have more granular control over their data. 

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