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  2. We've been pulling individual users for quite some time, but there was always something missing that tied them all together... Steam Community Groups. Now, you can add Steam Community Groups to a setting in your AdminCP, and display information about the group on any page within your community! The users displayed within the group widget are users on YOUR community that are a part of the group. You can configure how many users you'd like to display along with how many lines of description text to show by default, with a 'Read More' link to show the full description.
  3. Not necessary logs to be hidden

    The bug fix release is built, I'll try and get it released tonight.
  4. Not necessary logs to be hidden

    I went about this a slightly different way. 1) I disabled storing of empty profiles. 2) Added a filter to only show Active profiles in the table, any profile with a valid SteamID 3) Added an uninstall routine that delete all steam_no_steamid profiles. Policy is to only store profiles with some kind of steam value, even if it's bad, or they manually attempted to update their profile.
  5. Not necessary logs to be hidden

    I've got the fix half written, but the cleanup routine needs to be rewritten entirely. A bit more involved than I thought.
  6. Not necessary logs to be hidden

    Hi! Any updates for the issue?
  7. BF1

    Can't wait for BF4, got plenty to test it with
  8. BF1

    Looking forward to it
  9. BF1

    Looks like bf1stats.com is now online. They are still working out some bugs before releasing the API endpoints, though. I'm about 50% done with the Admin side of BF4, front end still needs some style work... Not happy with the layout, but the base data is there. Hoping to get some time in the next week or two to do a sprint to a first release.
  10. BF1

    Awesome. If you need testers let me know
  11. BF1

    Yes, the same app would include both games. I'm working to finish up BF4, and will release an update to include BF1 when it's available.
  12. BF1

    So is it still going to be all inclusive - BF4 and BF1?
  13. It's planned as an app page, not a collage of gadgets.
  14. Online Users Widget/Page

    I think, it would be great to have all this kind of information and widgets from the Application on a separated Page, rather then as widgets everywhere on the board.
  15. 1) On my to-do list. 2) Almost done with BF4, still waiting for the p-stats BF1 API to be released. 3) On my to-do list.
  16. Not necessary logs to be hidden

    Bug logged. I'll try and get it cleared up this week.
  17. Any chance of a Widget or Page that shows all online users and the game they're playing? As a Battlefield 4/1 community looking forward to an updated EA integration. Would love to see a Battle.net integration as well.
  18. Not necessary logs to be hidden

    I'm using the latest versions of IPS and yours Application and Lavo's plugin.
  19. Not necessary logs to be hidden

    What version are you running? This is likely to be a bug that's persistent or remnants from when the bug existed prior to installing a bug fix version. The Sign in Through Steam app used to store NULL in the members table when a user did not link their steam account, now it appears to store in different formats depending on the database configuration. I'll log a bug shortly and look at adding pruning of this errant data in the cleanup routine.
  20. Hello, We are happy to have this great application purchased and installed. The only concern we found, is that your application creates logs for every new registered users, regardless the NOT filling the custom profile field "Steam". This field is not required to be filled in, so even the users, who didn't fill in their Steam IDs in that field, are still will be logged into the "View Profiles" section on the ACP. It will say like "ERROR: steam_no_steamid". See the picture for better understanding. We have almost 200 new users registering on our board on the daily basis, so if continue keeping them logged, the logs on the "View Profiles" will have hundreds of pages if not thousands... So, how about to implement a "Button" for "hiding" the users from that list, who don't fill their "Steam" profile field? Thank you, Alexey
  21. BF1

    The upgrade I'm writing is based around the p stats network. bf1stats.com
  22. BF1

    Waiting for a release of BF1 upgrade ! Battlefiedtracker has a great API ! I agree
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