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  2. @Rubik Support for IPS 4.7 has been released and is publicly available. https://github.com/kacx9c/steam
  3. Per previous announcement, Steam Profile Integration will be free and publicly available. I'm happy to announce that version 3.0.0, developed against IPS 4.7.12, is now publicly available. https://github.com/kacx9c/steam/releases/tag/3.0.0 Note: This does not include the OAuth login handler. The Login Handler is intentionally being broken out of this application. This is in the best interest for clients as code updates will be isolated to only the login handler, and more efficiently updatable.
  4. Hook installation fixed. Now with all features working, going through settings to ensure they operate as intended. Also fixing a couple styling issues.
  5. Uninstall works. Extension/hook installations aren’t all working. Rebuilding them with the base 4.7 templates and continuing testing installation routine. Almost there.
  6. Working on the upgrade and install scripts. Once that’s done, I’ll build the app and publish it in the repo, and make the repo public. I’m developing against 4.7.12
  7. 98% of the code is complete and has been pushed to Github. Again, if pressured I could make the repo public but would be lacking thorough testing in some areas. The only portion remaining is testing of the groups portion of the application.
  8. 90% of the completed code has been pushed to github. If pressured, at the current time, I could make the repository public with reduced functionality. Users, currently, would need to have a means to build the application from the dev files on their own. I have not yet implemented a GitHub action to perform the build. Note: The Login handler will be in a separate repository. That has yet to be migrated out. License has been chosen, MIT License.
  9. The repository is close be being opened up to the public. Entire Steam profiles are being pulled and displayed in the users profile, the profile API is complete. Still need to work on Groups, but that will be done after profile view is complete. I've also got some work that needs to be done on error handling. There are a few other places on the website that need their view set-up, but with SQL being updated completely, those are just a matter of getting the hooks in place and getting the data out of SQL. Note: The Login handler and application will be separated. I'll either create a new repository for the Login handler, or will update Lavo's repository. Either way, both the application and Login handler will become open source. I've not yet chosen a license, but will have one chosen before release.
  10. The application is under development to clean up the code base. This will not, necessarily, make it fully compatible with any IPS version. Once the code cleanup is complete, a GitHub repository will be made public. This is in response to IPS's announcement of Marketplace closure. Support will also be transitioned to GitHub issues. This will open up the repository for other developers to contribute to bugs fixes and/or application updates, if I'm unable to keep the application up to date. Medical issues have been a constant distraction during each update, see previous posts, causing justified frustration for many customers. These changes are being made in the best interest of all customers.
  11. Following up on this. Has there been any progress made on support for 4.6<
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