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  3. Sadly I do not have pictures to show you with this update. All efforts have been focused on the back-end structure. The efforts made in the back-end will greatly improve maintainability for continued updates. I look forward to posting screenshots once the back-end is updated and data can make it to the front-end. This is still very much in active development.
  4. Active Login sync. Working on the profile tab.
  5. Updates have been made, the login handler works with IPS 4.7. The trouble is, it's deeply coupled with the rest of the Profile Integration logic. It's not simply the login handler. There is the choice to break this apart into two separate items, but there is no guarantee everyone would pick up both. Breaking them apart would also cause additional work on the Profile Integration portion. I'm pretty sure I know most everyone's vote. Give me a little bit to see what kind of progress I start making on the rest of the app with 4.7. Next posts with pictures of updates.
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