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  3. We've been pulling individual users for quite some time, but there was always something missing that tied them all together... Steam Community Groups. Now, you can add Steam Community Groups to a setting in your AdminCP, and display information about the group on any page within your community! The users displayed within the group widget are users on YOUR community that are a part of the group. You can configure how many users you'd like to display along with how many lines of description text to show by default, with a 'Read More' link to show the full description.
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    The bug fix release is built, I'll try and get it released tonight.
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    I went about this a slightly different way. 1) I disabled storing of empty profiles. 2) Added a filter to only show Active profiles in the table, any profile with a valid SteamID 3) Added an uninstall routine that delete all steam_no_steamid profiles. Policy is to only store profiles with some kind of steam value, even if it's bad, or they manually attempted to update their profile.
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    I've got the fix half written, but the cleanup routine needs to be rewritten entirely. A bit more involved than I thought.
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    Hi! Any updates for the issue?
  8. BF1

    Can't wait for BF4, got plenty to test it with
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