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  3. It does not currently support hex id’s. That said, it wouldn’t be hard to add that feature based on what I’m reading. Can you be a bit more clear about what features you’re looking for? Just a hex ID decode? Or more? Feel free to submit a support ticket, support [at] aiwa [dot] me, and reference this topic if you would prefer to keep the discussion private.
  4. Hello, I will guides to this website by someone who said the Steam Integation plugin would be useful for me, create by you. I was hoping to use the Steam Integation only for members to enter their Steam Hexidecimal in their Account Settings that would give them Whitelisting powers in a FiveM server, once a certain role or group was given to them. So my question is, is the Stream Ingetation compatible with FiveM servers? Thanks!
  5. In the future, please use the prescribed support, and new feature request, channel and provide your board URL. I’ve put your new feature request in the backlog. Thank you
  6. Hello, I am toying around with your Steam Integration plugin, and it would be EXTREMELY useful if it would be possible for you to have the custom profile field automatically add the Steam64 ID of the user when they update their profile, if this is possible I would appreciate your help. Thanks.
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