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IPS 3.4.x Addons

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  1. 13.50 USD

    Support Request Menu

    Need a quick place to view Support Requests? Look no further. With this modification, you'll get a drop down menu, just like the PM and Notifications drop downs, that loads your open support requests.

    Are you an admin and want to quickly see if there have been any replies to tickets? No problem! This modification also pulls pending staff tickets! You will only see tickets in departments that you have access to see. So if you have a junior admin that doesn't have access to all departments, no worries. They will only see the tickets in departments they have access to.



  2. 5.00 USD

    Client Area Offline

    Have you ever had to put your store offline for maintenance? Did you know that your customers Client Area is still ONLINE? Users can still pay any pending invoices they've created even when you've put the store OFFLINE!

    This hook adds your Nexus Offline message to the users Client area so they can't pay invoices, renew, reactivate, cancel, upgrade/downgrade, etc. It only lets your users view their purchases, but can't do anything with them.

    It also removes all 'Pay' and 'Confirm Order' buttons so clients cannot submit payment for any pending invoices while Nexus is Offline.

    Provisions made so Administrators can bypass the restrictions for maintenance / testing purposes.



  3. 10.00 USD

    Force Password Reset

    This app will generate a random 15 character password for users in groups specified in the app settings. The random password will not be given to the user, therefore forces the user to reset their password. If your members table has been compromised, this is the quickest way to ensure none of the old logins function.

    It will also e-mail the user with a link to the Lost Password tool so they can reset their password.



  4. 5.00 USD

    Nexus No Renewals

    Do you want to sell a package that expires in X days and you don't want to let your clients renew?

    This add-on is perfect for communities that want to offer paid, or free, trial memberships that automatically get set to expire and cannot be renewed.

    Packages purchased with renewals will simply be set so they cannot be renewed.
    Packages purchased that do not have renewals will be set to expire in X days based on a simple setting set in your ACP.



  5. 3.00 USD

    Show Mobile Status

    Do you ever wonder if members are browsing your site with their mobile device?

    Well now you can tell.

    If any user is browsing your site using a user-agent, browser, mapped to your mobile skin, they will now have a 'Mobile' status added next to their 'Online' Status!

    As many may be worried, this hook does not add any queries to your board. All data is pulled from IP.Boards cache.



  6. 3.00 USD

    Automatic Ticket Creator

    Do you need to open private communication with your clients after they purchase something from your store?

    With this add-on, you can automatically open the lines of communication by creating a ticket on the purchasing members behalf as soon as they've completed a purchase.

    The Automatic Reply allows a few keywords, namely the members name and the name of the package they have purchased. This allows you to tailor the automatic reply for each member.



  7. 3.00 USD

    Apple App Store BBCode

    This BBCode allows your members the ability to share Apple App Store Applications on your community!



  8. 3.00 USD

    Multiple Calendar Event Creator

    No longer do you have to copy paste content from one calendar event to another! With this handy hook, you can create multiple new calendar events simultaneously or you can edit existing events and create a clone event on another date!
    Ever needed to create multiple copies of the same event, but they don't recur the same day every week, month, or even year?
    Using the handy date selector, you can specify additional dates that this event will occur. Duplicate events will be created on those dates!
    Have an event you already created and you want it to occur again? No problem, simply edit the existing event, tell it when it occurs again and save! Your new event will be created as a clone of your existing event!
    The events created will not contain any relationship other than the content within them. Each event is created as its own stand alone event.
    This hook will work with every kind of event type except 'recurring' events.
    This hook was written on IP.Board 3.4.x. It will likely work on IP.Board 3.3.x, but I'm afraid it's not something I can support.
    If you have any questions before purchasing, please ask them in the support topic so that I can let you know if this hook is right for you.



  9. 10.00 USD

    Battlefield 4 Battlelog Profile Integration

    This hook will obtain data from Battlelog via bf4stats.com for your users and place it in your IP.Board database for use anywhere on your site. Your board will re-load your members Battlelog information every hour, time can be changed, so you always have up to date information without impacting load times of your community pages.

    This works with a simple Custom Profile field to obtain your users Soldier name.

    If there are any other places you'd like to see a users Battlelog information displayed, let me know. It's a very simple matter to output this data on other parts of your IPS Community.
    For the board index and IP.Content block, group controls are provided so only members in groups you allow will show on your board index and IP.Content pages. You can also control how many members display to keep the block from getting out of hand.



  10. 10.00 USD

    Steam Profile Integration

    This hook will obtain data from Steam for your users and place it in your IP.Board database for use anywhere on your site. Your board will re-load your members Steam information, in batches, every 15 minutes, time can be changed, so you always have up to date information without impacting load times of your community pages.

    This hook, out of the box, will display steam information in the following places
    Member Profile userInfoPane (Next to all of their posts) Board Index IP.Content page (IP.Content Block included) Member Hovercards (Steam Online Status only) More detailed information about the members Steam profile are displayed on the Members Profile page. Including an optional list of games the member owns. Out of the box the list of games can be shown in either an image grid layout, or list view. If you'd like to see other layouts, let me know or tweak the templates to your liking.

    This hook integrates seamlessly with Lavo's Sign in through Steam.. It will automatically detect if it is installed and pull that users information.

    Don't have Lavo's sign in installed? No problem, this hook works with a Custom Profile field also. Want to use both a custom profile field AND Lavo's hook? Not a problem, this hook seamlessly pulls information from both locations to create a single list of users to pull information.

    Valid Steam Input format for Custom Profile Field:
    Steam Name: ex. ' Aiwa '
    http://steamcommunity.com/id/Aiwa 17 digit Steam ID: ex. 76561197964468370
    http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197964468370 Old school Steam ID: ex. STEAM_0:0:2101321
    If there are any other places you'd like to see a users steam information displayed, let me know. It's a very simple matter to output this data on other parts of your IPS Community.

    In order for this hook to pull your information, your Steam profile status must be set to Public.



  11. 0.00 USD

    News Feed Block

    Need a news feed for your main page? This is for you.
    Here are two news feeds styled to match one another.... One Forum Feed block to feed topics from the forum(s) you specify... And... One Article Feed Block to feed articles from the categories of your choice.
    The article feed includes the article image, which when clicked will open in the lightbox!
    Want to share your content on social media? Currently Googe +1, Twitter, and Facebook are included in both blocks. Others can certainly be added if there are enough requests.



  12. 0.00 USD

    Site Poll Block

    Do you like having polls on your IP.Content homepage?
    Do you find it cumbersome to have to go into your Admin CP to change the link to the topic every time you have a new poll to display?
    If so, this is the block for you.
    Plugin config allows you to specify which FORUM to pull polls from. It will automatically pull the LATEST poll from whatever forum you specify. If you want a little more control, you can even have it set to only pull the latest PINNED poll. So all you have to do from the front end is pin or unpin your polls to control which is displayed on the front page!
    You also have control over what groups can see your poll. You should note, however, that forum permissions are still honored. If the member / guest does not have permission to read or reply to the toipc, they won't be able to submit a vote or see the results. If they can read the topic, they can see the results but not vote. If they can reply to the topic, the block will be fully functional.
    This block can be easily styled to meet your sites needs!
    I have tested with the supported versions on the right, however it should work with IP.Board 3.2.x and IP.Content 2.2.x.



  13. 0.00 USD

    Recent Posts

    Adds recent posts to the top of your Board Index.

    ACP Settings allow you to control how many recent posts you want to display in the block. You can also control the title and limit of how many characters you want to display for the topic titles.

    Easily adjust between a 2 or 3 column layout with the toggling of a setting.



  14. 0.00 USD

    One Click Ban

    This modification gives usergroups of your choice the ability to ban a member with only one click from their profiles.



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