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Steam Profile Integration and PHP 7


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As you may know, PHP 7.x offers many performance enhancements over PHP 5.x.  Up until now, Steam Profile Integration has had to maintain backwards compatibility with PHP 5.x, while trying to leverage as many benefits from PHP 7.x as possible.  

Well, it's time to pull off the bandaid.  Steam Profile Integration 2.1.9 will be the last version to officially support PHP 5.x.  Starting in Steam Profile Integration 2.2, PHP 7.x will be required as the minimum version of PHP.  If you're able to control what version of PHP you're running on your server, I highly recommend updating to PHP 7 as soon as possible.  

For those that simply can't upgrade to PHP 7 just yet, 2.1.9 will continue to work with both IPS 4.2 and 4.3 and be the last stable version you can use. 

Steam Profile Integration 2.2 is a major optimization and re-factor of the code-base.  

  • More efficient code
  • Better error handling and diagnostics
  • Abstraction of the API layer
    • Opens up the possibilities of collecting game stats from alternate API sources efficiently and effectively
  • Increased consistency with the IPS UI / UX. 

It's exciting being able to leverage the newest technology freely so that I am able to deliver the best product to you, the customer.

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