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  1. 4.x. You have the block set up to not show games played in the last 2 weeks. Edit the block and update its configuration. On line doesn't mean in game. If you're in game it says as much and you can hover over the text to see which game.
  2. I'm taking requests for features to be added to the Steam Integration right behind a Battlefield Integration. Just a few of the features currently planned: App page for Steam Show top profiles Show specific groups of users Top users for specific games (pending stats pulling) Badge integration on profile (not all of them) Admin CP View Profiles table improvements Pulling stats from select games. Put in requests for which you'd like me to look into first. Not all are available via the API.
  3. This was fixed. Used an alternative Steam CDN that had a valid certificate.
  4. 2.0.4, just released in the MP loads all game images of http. It'll need to stay that way for the time being as browsers don't want to load the images over https. I may add an option to use imageproxy, but that would add a good deal of load to the server to have to cache every game image.
  5. They appear broken because your browser is blocking them. It seems the SSL cert for media.steampowered.com may not be signed. It looks like these all need to go back to http for global acceptance until I can figure something else out.
  6. 2.0.2 should fix this problem. All images and links are protocol neutral. They should use whatever protocol your site is using.
  7. You are correct, they are not. I've flagged this as a bug and will look at how to best resolve the issue for sites running HTTPS.
  8. It's part of mine. Try clearing your board cache. ACP . System . Support . Something isn't working.
  9. bf4stats API. There is no official Battlelog API.
  10. That sucks your out of work. Yes, BF4 is next on my list. With the new one coming out, I'm working out how I want to do this. Just BF4, or Battlefield / EA in general and renewals to cover updates to support the new games, and possibly old ones too I.e. BF3.
  11. If the introductory price goes up before you get donations squared away, let me know and I'll still give you the $30 price.
  12. Yup, it's a .tar. No files to upload to the server via FTP. Your profile has updated, I had a theme cache issue. Apologies for the delayed reply, still working on this site and my notifications weren't set up correctly. Feel free to submit a ticket if you have any questions, I know those e-mails are working.
  13. Steam Profile Integration is now available for IPS 4! Purchase and download via the IPS Marketplace!
  14. Who says programming can't be done on a 75" TV?

  15. My little Sophie and I relaxing watching Mickey Christmas! This is what it's all about!

  16. #1 Doubles! Watch out for the kidney shot!

  17. Being sick sucks... Now add to that Adam Connell, Sophie Connell, and Meggan Connell being sick too. :( thank you Mom for helping Saturday, I'm sorry you got whatever this is too. :(

  18. Commentators curse. We'll take it.

  19. Landed safely in Tokyo. Now to make the connection to Sapporo.

  20. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! It sucks I can't say I'm in my 20's anymore. :(

  21. Another Test Status

  22. Lately the majority of my work has been with IP.Nexus. Custom Actions, modifying storefronts to add custom data, etc. A few of the add-ons can be found in my Store. Some are in use here as well. Note the drop down next your PM inbox for Support Requests. There are more that I have completed, but haven't had a chance to upload and release. I'll be getting to those shortly. As Nexus is a black box, it's difficult to modify. Maybe that's why clients are needing help with modifications. If anyone has need of IP.Nexus Modification / Add-ons / Custom Actions, shoot me a Sales Ticket and I'll take a look and see if it's doable / get you a quote!
  23. Version 1.0.0

    Need a quick place to view Support Requests? Look no further. With this modification, you'll get a drop down menu, just like the PM and Notifications drop downs, that loads your open support requests. Are you an admin and want to quickly see if there have been any replies to tickets? No problem! This modification also pulls pending staff tickets! You will only see tickets in departments that you have access to see. So if you have a junior admin that doesn't have access to all departments, no worries. They will only see the tickets in departments they have access to.


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