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Question about new Steam Integration

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No where else really to put this so will ask here.  For the install do we have to actually upload files separately?  For those of us hosting with IPS we no longer have ftp access and have noticed some stuff automatically does everything and others you have to manually upload files before you can do the installation.

Also I linked my steam here on your site and filled in the profile field about 20 min ago.  Validated steam id and did update.  Still not showing anything in my profile or on the Steam Users Online


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Yup, it's a .tar.  No files to upload to the server via FTP.  

Your profile has updated, I had a theme cache issue. 

Apologies for the delayed reply, still working on this site and my notifications weren't set up correctly.  Feel free to submit a ticket if you have any questions, I know those e-mails are working.

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4 minutes ago, Porthos1973 said:

Thanks.  Normally not a prob.  I usually take care of stuff like this myself but been out of work since Oct.  Did I see where you will also be updating the BF4 Integration?  Hopefully you will also be able to do something with BF1 when it comes out.

That sucks your out of work. 

Yes, BF4 is next on my list. With the new one coming out, I'm working out how I want to do this. Just BF4, or Battlefield / EA in general and renewals to cover updates to support the new games, and possibly old ones too I.e. BF3. 

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