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  1. Updates have been made, the login handler works with IPS 4.7. The trouble is, it's deeply coupled with the rest of the Profile Integration logic. It's not simply the login handler. There is the choice to break this apart into two separate items, but there is no guarantee everyone would pick up both. Breaking them apart would also cause additional work on the Profile Integration portion. I'm pretty sure I know most everyone's vote. Give me a little bit to see what kind of progress I start making on the rest of the app with 4.7.
  2. Update for full IPS 4.5 compatibility is well under way. We're taking this time to also tackle tech debt from prior versions. This will make the code base more easily maintainable moving forward. This re-write will also make review of the code easier on IPS Marketplace management. I thank everyone for their patience as we're working through this re-write. Everyone be safe with COVID on the loose!
  3. It does not currently support hex id’s. That said, it wouldn’t be hard to add that feature based on what I’m reading. Can you be a bit more clear about what features you’re looking for? Just a hex ID decode? Or more? Feel free to submit a support ticket, support [at] aiwa [dot] me, and reference this topic if you would prefer to keep the discussion private.
  4. In the future, please use the prescribed support, and new feature request, channel and provide your board URL. I’ve put your new feature request in the backlog. Thank you
  5. I'll add the feature request to my backlog. Thank you for the suggestion.
  6. GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation... While many have heard this term, not everyone knows what it means. I'll come out of the gate saying I'm not an expert, nor a lawyer. In a very general sense, it's about online privacy and giving individual users more control over their information what is shared with whom. To that end, Steam has rolled out a change of their own with regards to profile privacy. Whether this is related to GDPR or not, no one will know, but the timing is quite coincidental. How this impacts the Steam Profile Integration application... By default, Steam is setting everyone's privacy settings pretty secure. Meaning less data will be pulled for you users. You'll start seeing Profiles with: 0 hours played in the last 2 weeks quite a bit more frequently No statistics for recently played games (games played in the last 2 weeks) No statistics for owned games No, or limited, statistics for total playtime for games. This doesn't mean the Steam Profile Integration is going anywhere. I'll have some updates coming out in the coming months. One feature to direct users to manage their Steam profile privacy to allow the pulling of data. Another to streamline the user interface to not display empty playtime in the last 2 weeks when that data is simply private, etc. It's a challenging time for developers as we have to work with smaller and smaller data sets. But it's ultimately a good thing for your users. They have more granular control over their data.
  7. As soon as I get this hot fix version released for Steam Login, I'll look into this to see if i can find out what's going on.
  8. I've done some work on pulling PUGB game stats from a 3rd party tracker. Haven't yet fleshed out how I'd lay it out. It's behind a couple other things in queue. I'll have to look into why your profile isn't returning all of the information... I cleared my profile, re-updated it and everything loaded correctly. Something seems to be up with your profile specifically.
  9. As you may know, PHP 7.x offers many performance enhancements over PHP 5.x. Up until now, Steam Profile Integration has had to maintain backwards compatibility with PHP 5.x, while trying to leverage as many benefits from PHP 7.x as possible. Well, it's time to pull off the bandaid. Steam Profile Integration 2.1.9 will be the last version to officially support PHP 5.x. Starting in Steam Profile Integration 2.2, PHP 7.x will be required as the minimum version of PHP. If you're able to control what version of PHP you're running on your server, I highly recommend updating to PHP 7 as soon as possible. For those that simply can't upgrade to PHP 7 just yet, 2.1.9 will continue to work with both IPS 4.2 and 4.3 and be the last stable version you can use. Steam Profile Integration 2.2 is a major optimization and re-factor of the code-base. More efficient code Better error handling and diagnostics Abstraction of the API layer Opens up the possibilities of collecting game stats from alternate API sources efficiently and effectively Increased consistency with the IPS UI / UX. It's exciting being able to leverage the newest technology freely so that I am able to deliver the best product to you, the customer.
  10. We've been pulling individual users for quite some time, but there was always something missing that tied them all together... Steam Community Groups. Now, you can add Steam Community Groups to a setting in your AdminCP, and display information about the group on any page within your community! The users displayed within the group widget are users on YOUR community that are a part of the group. You can configure how many users you'd like to display along with how many lines of description text to show by default, with a 'Read More' link to show the full description.
  11. The bug fix release is built, I'll try and get it released tonight.
  12. I went about this a slightly different way. 1) I disabled storing of empty profiles. 2) Added a filter to only show Active profiles in the table, any profile with a valid SteamID 3) Added an uninstall routine that delete all steam_no_steamid profiles. Policy is to only store profiles with some kind of steam value, even if it's bad, or they manually attempted to update their profile.
  13. I've got the fix half written, but the cleanup routine needs to be rewritten entirely. A bit more involved than I thought.
  14. Looks like bf1stats.com is now online. They are still working out some bugs before releasing the API endpoints, though. I'm about 50% done with the Admin side of BF4, front end still needs some style work... Not happy with the layout, but the base data is there. Hoping to get some time in the next week or two to do a sprint to a first release.

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